What Are You Paying For With Hosting?

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Optimized, managed, WordPress hosting is $30 a month. You may look at some of the alternatives online and question the cost. Let’s briefly compare what you’re getting for your money.

Why is WordPress Hosting More Expensive?

Essentially a WordPress website uses more server resources. By default, WordPress has to pull all of your content from a database every time the website is loaded. The language that WordPress is written on is PHP, which means your server has to fire up, call PHP and determine what to show your customer, grab all of the information from a database and then render and show the visitor. We can use some caching mechanisms to speed up this process but if you are in the admin area working, this won’t be cached, which causes even more load on the server.

What is a Managed Server?

A managed server is a system that is managed for you. RackSpace charges $100 a month for this service alone. When you rent hosting from a vendor, you are renting the computer and with it you get the data center and hardware maintenance that the hosting company provides. Server updates, security updates, level two plus technical support, automatic scaling and ad hoc solutions are not included. With a managed server you have access to the following:

  • Automatic WordPress and Plugin Updates. This is essential for security. Did you know 49% of WordPress websites were hacked in Q1 of 2016 alone?
  • Spam and Bot Prevention. We have an automatic system that catches and blocks bots so you don’t have to add trashy plugins and get hundreds of email notifications (or get locked out of your own website!)
  • Level 2+ Support When you contact your typical hosting service you speak to an individual that can only read through the knowledge base of articles they are given. While this is fine for instructing you how to make adjustments in a control panel, they often do not understand what the server is doing or do not understand how WordPress is applicable to your issue. With our support, we get right to the bottom of it!
  • Automatic Scaling. Got an event coming up and expecting your website to get hammered? We scale up in time for you. We have successfully routinely taken 150,000+ form submissions in a 20-minute period along without a website blinking.
  • Staging Environment. We will set up a staging server for each of your websites, as needed.
  • SFTP/SSH Access. We provide secure access so you can edit your website and store your files.
  • FREE migration. We will move your website to our servers with no charge.
  • Plugin Installation and Vetting. In a pinch? We will install a plugin for you. If you’re unsure of the quality of a plugin we have a process to vet it to make sure it is secure and the best option for you.
  • Ad Hoc Solutions. What do we need? We’ll see if we can make it happen for you.

But GoDaddy is ONLY $7.99 a Month!

First, this is false. GoDaddy offers a one-year sale at $7.99 a month and then the cost goes to $14.99 a month. The biggest complaint we have with GoDaddy is they oversell their servers. When thousands of website are running on your server and one of these websites gets major traffic, from bots or a hack, or real traffic, this negatively affects the speed of your website. Remember when they tell you that you get unlimited bandwidth and storage space, everyone else on your server does too, which means you could be getting the short end of the stick. Plus, it’s GoDaddy… or more technically grounded information on why it is not a good service.

Major Marketing Hosting Companies

Not all hosting companies are bad, yet you get what you pay for. A few other examples:

Host Gator comes in at $24.95 per month. They have triple the volume on each server that we do, lengthy chat or phone lines and no managed service.

BlueHost comes in at $24.99 per month and offers a similar but worse experience than Host Gator.

At $20 per month MediaTemple is riddled with problems. They have the most helpful customer service we have experienced but refuse to support a modified server. We have experienced domains being lost or moved around on accounts, slow systems and inconsistent support. Additionally they use tools like Parallels or Plesk that stay out of date and insecure. These tools muddy up the server and cause conflicts unless you continue to use the tool.

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